Make a difference in the lives of men one home at a time. image

Make a difference in the lives of men one home at a time.

We provide encouragement and supportive material to men.

$1,350 raised

$20,000 goal

/ 150


We are fundraising to make an impact one man at a time.

The Uncommen Mission

We want to inspire, encourage and challenge men to be the Husbands, Dads, and Leaders they were always meant to be. We develop daily content that covers a range of topics that men struggle with. Our Uncommen mission is one that takes many hands and they all help in different ways.

The Uncommen What

We are in need of funding for four projects.

1 - New Computer - we develop, write content, video content, conduct meeting, and more on a very old computer. We need to upgrade our computer and some software that would allow us more functionality. - $3000

2 - SEO (search engine optimization) - we need to invest time into developing better SEO on our large blog library to allow for better ranking. This will help increase our awareness. - $3000

3 - Google Ad Management Services - we are in need of certified help with Google ad development for better search engine performance. - $3000

4 - Misc - we will take the balance of what we raise and develop additional content like videos, workbooks, and written content for 2022. - TBD

Text to Donate

Text DONATE to 704-396-5710 and streamline your ability to give on the go.

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